Outsource Data Processing specializes in compiling mailing list, address cleaning and verification of all complexities from variety of sources ideal for electronic consumer and business lists. We also undertake jobs requiring updating or validating an existing database.

ODP can process the information and setup your mailing list data to meet your exact field requirements.

Our services include:

  • Data Entry
  • Splitting or combining fields such as the Contact Name or the City / State / Zip.
  • Format Zip Codes and or Phone Numbers the way you want them for easy readability
  • De-dupe and re-sort the file to save postage and waste of mailing pieces.
  • Drop records with missing address components
  • Convert to and from combined fields (City, State ZIP - Last Name, First Middle etc.) into separate database columns.
  • Insert or remove fields - record counters - pad information, etc...

We can compile mailing list from:

  • Printed Directories
  • Collecting data from Internet
  • Electronic Documents
  • By cleaning raw data

Our address cleaning services include:

  • Street, City, State verification
  • Zip Code Validation
  • Gender Identification
  • Removal of duplicate items
  • Removal of unwanted characters, punctuation marks etc.
  • Standardization of addresses as required by Postal Deptt.
  • Spelling and layout errors

Our database creation services comprises of:

  • Create database of existing records
  • Keeping track of new documents
  • Creating an index of the records
  • Incorporate the changes in the database as per established parameters

For a detailed information about our services,
please visit our corporate web-site at