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At Hi-Tech, commitment is of essence. We take considerable pride in delivering the jobs ON THE DOT. 

All turnaround times need to be agreed with Hi-Tech prior to commencement. 
We are capable of providing 12,500 man hours per week exclusively to the client 
As a guideline, 2 - 5 Megabytes (roughly equivalent to 1,000 - 4,000 typewritten pages) can be prepared within 7 days with a further 2 megabytes per working day from then onwards. 
We are happy, if requested, to deliver large jobs of over 100 Megabytes in installments when completed. 
Hi-Tech requires a representative sample of the data prior to confirmation of the prices listed above. The charges listed apply to easily legible data, either printed, typewritten or in very neat handwriting in the English language. We do not guarantee levels of accuracy for poor quality data such as very pale photocopies, very dark photocopies or difficult to decipher handwriting. The poor quality drastically slows down the operators. This also leads to increased charges. 
Our minimum charge is for 2 Megabyte. All prices are subject to change without notice.





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