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Data, File, Media Conversion

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Hi-Tech provides full range of  quality data  conversion, file conversion and media conversion services that are both timely and inexpensive.

We guarantee the confidentiality of the data that you provide. No copies of media are retained. All printed material and magnetic media will be returned or destroyed

Data Conversion using almost any file format including:

Convert to/from Backup Program Format
Convert EBCDIC to/from ASCII
Add/Remove/Change Record Delimiters
Convert "Label" or "Report" Format Data to Database
ASCII Fixed Width/Delimited to/from Database
Convert to/from Packed Fields
Convert from dBASE / Clipper / xBASE++ / FoxPro / etc...
Word Perfect / MS Word
Comma Delimited / SDF / Tab Text / MS Access
Excel / Lotus / Quattro Pro

Media conversion from / to any of the below formats:

IBM Mainframe 3480 / 3490 Cartridge ( 18 track ASCII / EBCDIC )
9-track magnetic tape reel ( 1600/3200/6250 bpi ASCII / EBCDIC )
CD-ROM / Jaz Drive / Zip Drive / Floppy

If the format you want converted is not listed or you are unsure, give us a call or e-mail us



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